Stop The Struggle

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

I made it to a yoga class at the gym, and the instructor led us througha series of poses and then did this amazing side crow pose and encouraged us to try it too. I actually did it and immediately thought, “I need to perfect this so I can take a picture for Instagram!” (*immediate face palm*) instead of being happy for what God lets my body do and accomplish. Anywho, I started perfecting this pose for Instagram, and ended up hurting my shoulder. It didn’t feel so bad, so I did a few demo push-ups for the classes and clients I taught the next day. It hurt worse the next day. Typing was difficult, putting my arms through sleeves was a stretch, and I knew the only way it would get better was to stop using it and take it easy. But I needed to use that arm! I just prayed that God would heal my shoulder, believing He would do it. The next morning, it was better! I just needed to stop struggling and fighting and be still so the Lord could fix it. 

If Only You Could Be Still!

This seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now, and anything that keeps repeating itself is just asking for me to write about it. I see it everyday with my two-year-old:

“Getting your diaper changed (or getting dressed, wiping your face, brushing your teeth, buckling you into the car seat, going to sleep) would be so much easier if you would just be still!” I say against this incredibly strong wiggle worm.

I have this nagging feeling that every time I say that to her, the Lord is reminding me of the same thing: “Healing your shoulder (or giving you peace in your marriage, or getting you to a content place in writing) would be so much easier if you would just be still.” Sometimes I listen and I can walk away from the fight (the fight I’m having with myself), and just let the Lord do His thing. 

Deep Wounds Call For Long Recoveries

After I gave birth, I needed a few days to be still and recover in the hospital. Same thing goes for any other kind of surgery. It seems that the deeper we are hurt or the bigger the transformation in our body, the greater the need is to be still. I think the same goes for soul scars. A deeper wound calls for a longer recovery period. These types of wounds are relative to each person. One may need to grieve after a disappointment, like not getting a certain job or not getting a certain gender for the next baby. Others might look at these circumstances and rejoice, but each person is unique and each situation affects us differently. 

There are times for wrestling with the Lord (see the story of Jacob in Genesis 32), and there are times to sit back and let the Lord work. Being still sounds easy, but not when you have your own plans and think nobody is going to take care of everything. It is important to be still, not just for the body’s sake after surgery, but for the soul’s sake after being hurt. This is a crucial time to invite the Lord into the pain, and to trust Him enough to let His Spirit work a miracle of healing within you. 

Being still takes trust. Did I trust the Lord to heal my shoulder? Sure, but the only way to show that I trusted Him was to stop moving. To stop struggling. It’s like struggling in quicksand. Not that I have ever been in quicksand, but I’ve heard from Hollywood that the more you struggle, the deeper in you sink. Stop struggling, and trust the Lord will pull you out. Stop struggling, and trust the Lord will heal your wound. Stop struggling, and trust the Lord will fight for you. 


Can you think of a time when it would have been better to let the Lord handle something?

Did you respond by taking control or by staying still and trusting?

Was it hard to trust? Why?

If you’re still struggling with that thing, that hurt, that conflict, give it up to the Lord and be still. Wait to hear from Him. He might need to you stop the struggle so He can fight your battle.