Hello sisters and brothers,

I'm Kasey Shuler. I'm an author, personal trainer, and I’m passionate about this one thing: 

Helping you connect with Jesus

The world is a lonely place. Heck, lonely living in separate bodies is lonely in itself! And loneliness is one of the biggest threats to our health these days. When we think nobody loves us, cares about us, then life is meaningless. And we shrink back from life in harmful ways. That is exactly what the enemy wants: to separate us from God.

But Scripture says that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Sure, that’s easy to read, but how can we feel less alone?

I believe one of the most under-looked spaces to meet with the Lord is through our own bodies. God affectionately refers to us as His temple, His meeting place. When we can increase mindfulness and hear what our bodies have to say, we might just be able to hear from God, too.

I want to remove the uncertainty of how to meet with God by providing you resources: books, journals, studies, coaching, and prayer, so you can start connecting with Him. You are never alone. Immanuel, God is with us, and will always be!

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