Rest and Rise - A 4-Week Bible Study: Be Refreshed In Your Work 

If you are worn out, stressed out, or burned out, the solution is not to quit or to work harder; but to learn how to rest.

If you’re anything like me, you love getting things done. You already know how to hustle. But do feel satisfied with your work?

When you rest in the Lord, He will multiply your work.

Over four weeks, Rest and Rise will guide the you through a refreshing cycle of prayer and purpose as you dig into Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus’ invitation to come to Him for rest.

Rest and Rise will help you: 

  • Find the rest your soul craves

  • Surrender your plans in prayer

  • Challenge your assumptions of productivity

  • Trade striving for peace in your everyday work

  • Equip you to encourage others


  • A daily template of prayer, reflection, and action points

  • 4 Weeks of personal study segments in between group sessions

  • Appendix includes Celebration Review and Leader Guide

Let’s stop burnout and discouragement at the root and learn how to rest. If you long for both satisfaction in your work and a day at the spa, join us on the Rest and Rise journey as we rest in love and rise with purpose.

Considering Rest and Rise for your group?

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Rest Meditation

This is a video tutorial of the daily "Rest" rhythm in the Bible study. You may use this each time, or use it as a guide for your own practice.