The Lord’s prayer: a 12-week journal


There has to be a right way to pray. But where do I even start?

I always get distracted. How can I focus better?

I want to pray for others, but I keep forgetting who I should be praying for. How can I keep track?

While the workings of prayer are a mystery, the how-to doesn't have to be. Jesus told us exactly how to pray in what is now known as "The Lord's Prayer."

This hand-lettered prayer journal uses the Lord's Prayer as a template to help you walk through Matthew 6:9-13 every morning and evening, with extra prompts to guide you along the way. The week starts with the Sabbath and writing your thanksgivings and focus verse for the week, and follows with six days of praying through the Lord's Prayer, ending with free-writing pages for extra space.

You may use it as a challenge to do daily for 12 weeks or you use it when you need structure to get you back on track.

If you have ever fretted over a lacking prayer life, need some rails to stay on the prayer train, or simply want to dig into what Jesus says about prayer, The Lord's Prayer: A 12-Week Journal is for you! Think Jesus Calling meets Cultivate What Matters meets She Reads Truth.

What Others Are Saying

I LOVED IT! It’s just what I’ve been craving— truly— towards a more guided prayer life that helps to direct my steps and keep me from distraction. I love that it includes remembrance on the Sabbath, the fact that it asks us who we need to forgive and release (I rarely think of this but know that I should more often), and I really felt like the Holy Spirit used it to reveal what was truly on my heart. I think overall it does a great job of guiding but also allowing the Holy Spirit to lead with questions like “What is Your will for me today?” I am excited about this! I know the Lord delights in it and you, and I do too! — Neely K

I really enjoyed the emphasis on slowing down and going step by step through the Lord’s prayer. I also really liked the concept of praying for different groups of people as well. — Emily O.

It is beautiful and I love the way it slows me down for just a few minutes to really focus on what I'm praying and who I'm praying for! —Ginny S

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