Hello fellow adventurer,

I'm Kasey Shuler. I'm an author, fitness professional, and I’m passionate about this one thing: 

I believe once we find rest in Jesus, we will rise and become what we are meant to be.

 So whether you have an aching ambition, deferred dream, or simply struggling to survive this season, I want to walk beside you to encourage you in Christ. Here, I will equip you with Scripture, personal life lessons, and practical resources.

The world pushes a daily grind, but we walk against the grain and prioritize rest for success. 

On this blog, I share my thoughts on rest, work, and life in the Lord. On average, I write one post a month. I’ll send my email friends that post, along with a Scripture printable, things that have helped me to rest and rise, and cards to keep the conversation going around your own table.

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