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My name is Kasey Shuler, and I live in Athens, Georgia, with my husband and daughter. I'm an ACSM fitness trainer and author of Love Beyond Looks: A 5-Week Bible Study on Body Image. My passion is to help women get healthy bodies and strong spirits.

I'm not sure when my attachment to food and exercise started, but last week when I sat down with a bag of gluten-free, coconut oil-based plantain chips, I quickly realized overeating is still a struggle for me. I set out to eat a few, but when half the bag was gone I thought, "when am I going to stop eating these?" It felt like my hand was possessed, my mind was numb, but deep down I knew I was not powerless. I am the girl who lifts weights with confidence and does unassisted pull-ups. I am the trainer who reminds her clients to keep going when all they want to do is stop. I am the neighbor you see pushing a jogging stroller up and down the hills every afternoon.

But when my brain craves salt and my inhibitions have fallen asleep, I need more than muscles. I need a strong spirit, one that knows my value is not tied to the shiny achievement medals on my fitness tracker or when I fail and give in to gluttony. My core identity is grounded in the hope of God, like ankle weights to make me stronger. 

Chips make me happy, but only for a moment. Lasting joy is in salvation and sanctification. What Christ has done, I cannot undo. What the Holy Spirit is doing, I cannot resist. What the Father has promised, I cannot refute. He is my solid rock! He has broken my bonds of clinging to comfort food, He has given me the strength to withstand any temptation, and He calls me to walk forward in faith toward the day when I will be perfect in Him.

"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." 3 John 1:2

My fellow sister, I call you up to the same. Let's get healthy bodies and strong spirits together!

What You will find:

Priority on the Word, autoimmune-friendly foods, quick and effective bodyweight workouts you can do at home, a coffee mug pun here and there, and the occasional 30 Rock meme. I hope you'll feel at home here and have a little fun, too. 

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