You are a super woman!

The heart of a Super Woman wants to feel competent, energetic, and strong for her life. She wants to be fit and equipped to live, work, and play without the hindrance of aches, pains, and sickness. The Super Woman wants to give all she has and then keep giving more! She wants to be fit so she can _______!

What causes stumbling

& What spurs you on

Stumbling Spot #1: Feeling too exhausted from exercise. Your go-getter attitude sometimes leaves you feeling more depleted after a workout, and you're too sore to pick up the kids or open the door for a stranger.

Dial it down: You love when a workout leaves you feeling energized for your day. If you feel too sore after a workout, consdier decreasing your weight load for the next time. If you feel even more tired after a workout, lower the intensity or taking a few days to do some rejuvenating and restorative movement. Think about what you want before and during the workout and adapt your level of activity accordingly. If you consistently push yourself too hard during exercise, use a perceived exertion scale. On a threshold of 1-10, make sure if you go above a level 7 (can no longer sing or hold a conversation) then you only exercise for short intervals and take sufficient breaks. You don't serve your workout, but your workout is there to serve you!

Stumbling Spot #2: Fitness becomes another item on the to-do list. When your workout becomes another task item, it can feel like a job instead of a joy.


Have fun: When fitness starts feeling more like another thing you feel obligated to do, consider taking a break from your regular routine and either take some time to rest or do something that feels like pure fun. Don't let yourself think about the health benefits of exercise or how much more energetic you will feel afterwards, but how become aware of how you feel in the moment. Be with your body, heighten your senses, and enjoy every movement. If you skip a workout because of some other important life event, brush it off and start back again the next day. Think of movement in the whole scheme of your life as a regular part of your day, and give yourself grace to be creative when a workout doesn't happen the way you planned.

Stumbling Spot #3: Depending on fitness to fill you up. After a workout, if you don't feel as alert, strong, or creative as you set out to feel, you get discouraged.

Reorganize priorities: If you're feeling worn out or in pain and exercise isn't the cure-all you hoped it would be, take heart. Step back and reevaluate where you direct your energy during your day, what God has set you apart to do, and how fitness can take a supporting role in these priorities. Let fitness become a gift again. Take a moment to thank the Lord that He gave you a body to breathe and move and let Him be the first to fill you up. Let Him direct your steps during your day and fitness will follow.


What will keep you centered and motivated long-term

The heart of a Super Woman works out from and for this truth: My body is a vessel of life overflowing to others.

Your core verse: 

"Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work." 2 Timothy 2:21


Gifts of the super woman

  1. You are full of energy: Others might marvel at how much energy you have to work and to workout. Take it as a compliment and enhance this gift by engaging in activities that not only burn off the extra energy, but fill you back up with the joy that you so readily give to others.
  2. You are hungry to serve: You are like a tiger on her toes, ready to pounce at any opportunity to serve another. Enhance this gift by combining physical activity with service, such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, running for charities, or starting up your own neighborhood prayer walks. 


If you're in a season of struggling with activity, here’s a way to get to the other side

  1. Start with prayer. Ask God what you need in that moment.
  2. Name the thing you need (ex: to boost performance at work).
  3. Choose an activity that relates to your specific need (ex: interval training) and as you move, keep your core verse (2 Timothy 2:21) at the center of your intention for the workout so God can move in you and become your joy as you move your body. 


Super woman mantra

I will seek the Lord to fill me first, and focus my energy into the good works He has prepared for me.

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