You are a cover girl!

The heart of a Cover Girl wants to feel confident, secure, and loved. She doesn’t want to worry about the clingy shirt, but she does want to feel like the worthy royal daughter she is.  She has eyes to see beauty in the ordinary body and the ability to bring out its hidden worth. 

What causes stumbling

& What spurs you on

Stumbling Spot #1: Over-focus on the scale and clothing sizes

Redirect your focus from quanity to quality: instead of looking at numbers, ask yourself how you feel after a workout, and what you want to achieve.

Stumbling Spot #2: Comparing yourself with how others look in the gym


Do you notice beauty in someone else? Give thanks to God for that gift to your eyes, simply pray, "blessings," and consider telling them what they may not see. You can be the person to bring out God's hidden beauty! Ask God what He likes about you too, and let worship be your response. 

Stumbling spot #3: Special events. You get extra-motivated and put yourself on a strict diet and hardcore workout regimen...but only before vacations, weddings, and reunions.

Make every day a special event, because you’re alive and loved! Instead of going all in for a short season and then burning out, choose consistency over instensity. Find a way to fold more movement into your everyday rhythms of life, and choose things you enjoy rather than things that correlate to body size (ex: forget about number of calories burned, "problem areas", and bikini body workouts and instead dance like nobody's watching).


What will keep you centered and motivated long-term

The heart of a Cover Girl works out from and for this truth: the body is a covering that reflects the beauty of God.

Your core verse: 

"Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience” Colossians 3:12


Gifts of the cover girl

  1. You bring out beauty: The Cover Girl sees hidden potential and puts it on display. She does not shrink back in shame over her body, but takes joy in how God made her. The Cover Girl dresses herself in strength and dignity, always looking for ways to brighten the world and bring heaven’s beauty to earth. Share this gift by calling out the goodness in others.
  2. You are willing to invest: The Cover Girl wants the outside to reflect the inside: holy and beloved. She knows each person is set apart for special use, that gold is refined in the fire, and she’s willing to endure the pain of discipline and invest her resources for the reward of pure beauty. Enhance this gift by being faithful in the small things, and see what God does in and through you over time.


If you're in a season of struggling with activity, here’s a way to get to the other side

  1. Start with prayer. Ask God what you need in that moment.
  2. Name the thing you need (ex: to feel confident).
  3. Choose an activity that relates to your specific need (ex: lifting weights) and as you move, keep your core verse (Colossians 3:12) at the center of your intention for the workout so God can move in you and become your joy as you move your body. 


cover girl mantra

I am holy, beloved, and chosen in Christ. I will lift my head, wear my crown, and walk worthy of the Lord.  

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