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How do you find time to write with two small children?

What do you think of this book idea?

How do you schedule your social media posts?

What do you think my brand is?

How do you stay healthy while you’re on a deadline?

These are all questions I have wondered while writing by myself, needing someone to be a sound board in the silence.

"The writer labors in isolation, yet all that intensive, lonely work is in the service of communicating, is an attempt to reach another person.” Betsy Lerner in The Forest For The Trees 

The act of writing doesn’t have to be done in a solitary desert. And in fact, it shouldn’t be. If we aren’t talking with each other, how do we know if our message is relevant? If we want others to hear our message, we need to enter into the conversations that are already happening. To enter in to those conversations, we must be having those conversations with others. We can have them with friends and family, but the people closest to us can’t always offer unbiased feedback.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have someone that was seriously invested in listening to your ideas and offering advice?

To see the forest for the trees, we must start connecting with other trees. Redwood trees, the tallest in the world, have their root systems interlocked with other trees. That’s how they can grow so big and strong. We need to be connected to community to make the whole system grow, and in the body of faith, we need to be connected to the body of Christ so we can grow the Kingdom. While Facebook and Instagram are great for liking photos and writing comments, it’s hard to feel like you can have a real connection without hearing someone’s voice or seeing them respond to you in real time.

Maybe you want to have a more human connection with someone else sharing your mission, but you need someone to introduce you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a built-in network to set you up with other writers?

And perhaps you’ve made a few mistakes and learned things along the way, and want to pass on your wisdom. You would also like to learn from those farther along in the writing journey.

Wouldn’t it be nice to mentor and be mentored in the same month?

And let’s say you want to grow in your craft, but you don’t want to invest in another course and can’t afford to pay for a personal coach. Life can get busy, budgets are seasonal, and you need flexibility.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay just enough to make you commit, and have the freedom to opt in for just one month at a time?

Enter: One Question Writers!

Over the past year, I have really grown as a person and a writer through an informal Ladies Writing Group.

Here’s what they have said about their experience:

“It’s been amazing being surrounded by other writers to share in getting advice, feedback, encouragement, accountability, and inspiration. I’m so thankful to be part of this awesome group of women!”
— Lindsey Nubern, author of "501 Questions: A Travel Game"
Connecting with writers on a walkie talkie app is convenient and helpful because it allows time and space to listen and respond when life gets busy, instead of never finding time to connect with other writers.
— Ashton Burton, author-to-be
I’ve loved being apart of this writers group. Meeting with other writers to share ideas and receive and offer insight has been so helpful for both my writing and my business!
— Aubrey, Author of "Grace, Food, and Everything in Between"

As much as I have loved our little group over this past year, I have found that we need a bit more structure, a few more friends to commit, and time limits to make it doable for daily life. Here’s what one month of One Question Writers looks like:

  • Join with the application below

  • A week before each month, you’ll get an email inviting you to opt in.

  • If you jump in for the month, I will assign you a writing buddy for two weeks.

  • Through the video messaging app, Marco Polo, you’ll get 5 minutes to ask them any question, and they get to respond with a 5 minute answer. Then it’s their turn!

  • Then you will get a new writing buddy for the last half of the month.

  • You’ll also get to ask me one question for the month!

If this sounds like something you might need in your life, go ahead and apply below. Then you will be on the invite list for each month! Hope you can join us!

How excited I am for you to apply!

How excited I am for you to apply!

If you have any more questions about how this words, message me below!

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