Rest and Rise Bible Study: Week 3


Hey there, fellow adventurers!

This is Week 3 of the "Rest and Rise: Be Refreshed In Your Work" sneak peak. See Week 1 here, and Week 2 here

Walk through a sample study with us every week leading up to the official launch on February 27th.

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And without further ado, please enjoy the excerpt below:


Find a prayerful position, and fill in the prayer below:


Thank you for ____________________________________________. You are my _________________ (i.e. Good Word, Lamb, Friend).

I give up my cares and plans to You today:


Set a timer for seven minutes. Breathe deeply and release every muscle, starting from your toes and working up to your forehead. When your mind starts to wander like an ox for greener pastures, repeat Jesus’s words, “for I am gentle and lowly in heart.”

Let me rest my worth in your finished work. Let this offering of silence be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Amen! 


“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-29 

When I work for my own righteousness (being right in all things) or feel emotionally bruised, I need someone who is gentle and lowly. For me, the word “lowly” brings to mind a worm, the lowliest of creatures. Initially, I couldn’t fathom any positive associations.

Worms are gross because they are slimy, squirmy, and almost shamefully naked. So, when David compares himself to a worm in Psalm 22:6, I take notice. David has been mocked, rejected, chased into caves, and feels like the lowest creature in the world. Worms are so low, they make their home in the dirt, the stuff we shake off shoes. But dirt is where the mustard seed grows.

Worms are crucial to plant growth. As they crawl in the deep, dark soil they create tunnels and aerate the ground, making space and allowing roots to find the nutrients they need. I tend to focus on how a plant looks above ground, but the important work is being done underground.

When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, it can be suffocating. How do you get a breath of fresh air and make space in your situation?

Our heart can often feel like an overbooked hotel: desires vying for a room by pushing, shoving, shouting, bribing, or cowering. Our heart is meant to be a home, a dwelling place for God, a space to sit at His feet. 


The Greek word for “lowly” is tapeinós, or God-reliant, which ironically means to exalt a person, or bring forth their true worth (1 Peter 5:6). What is one thing you have neglected that makes you feel completely you, fully alive, and overflowing with joy? Name one thing or person that makes you feel like you can rise above all the fears, doubts, and discouragement.


Write a prayer of supplication or praise incorporating Psalm 40:2. The prayer of supplication could be, “Jesus, please take me out of [insert low point] and let me praise you by [insert thing that gives you most joy].” The prayer of praise could be, “Jesus, thank you for reaching down and taking me out of ___________; I am going to glorify you by [insert thing that gives you most joy]!” 



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