Pokémon GO: The Cure for Fitness

When is the last time you got excited about exercise?

This Forbes article says Pokémon GO May Be This Generation's Cure For Obesity.


Because people like it.

And when people like something, they do it.

It sounds stupid simple, but if exercise was something we actually enjoyed, we might do it more.

I get excited about trying new classes because I like learning new things. So I have decided to try a new fitness class around my city every Saturday morning, indefinitely. I get to go to new places, try out new things from local experts, and my husband is there to watch our two-year-old. Plus, most places let you try out a class for free. I come back energized, happy, and maybe a little healthier. It's a win-win for everyone.

I don't think Pokémon GO is the cure for fitness, I think enjoyment is. Exercise is either built into our daily routine through commuting, physical labor, or for fun. And since most of us drive cars to work and sit down at a screen, we need to move because we enjoy it. How do you think kids get all their steps in for the day? 

So tell me, when is the last time you looked forward to fitness, and why?